You can find our Newfies and Berners in
A DOG’S LIFE published by WHITE STAR Publishers
Ph. Araldo De Luca
Whether quizzical, soulful, or cheerful, dogs’ faces express emotions that are often surprisingly similar to our own. This remarkable collection of studio photographs vividly conveys the expressions on a vast range of canine faces and demonstrates the uncanny resemblance of these photogenic pooches to human beings. Divided into chapters according to the emotions dogs express, these photographs—at times laugh-out-loud funny, at times poignant—show us the range of emotions that make dogs so endearing. From the inquisitive raised eyebrows on a hound mix to the shy glance of a pug, from the engaging grin of a golden retriever to the coquettish head tilt of a cocker spaniel, these images are uncanny in their depiction of the depth of canine feeling.Dog lovers of all ages will delight in this treasure trove of images, presented in a splendid large-format book that beautifully showcases the fine quality portraits. Accompanying each portrait is the dog’s name and a sentiment that perfectly conveys the expression on the dog’s face, from humorous to heartwarming. Purebreds and mutts alike are captured in beautiful detail in these extraordinary portraits, revealing those qualities we find most endearing.