In Ljubljana (Slovenia)
– Maduro’s Keep in Starry Town “MADURO” on Saturday JBOB on Sunday 1st exc junior brown male. Handled by Sara Kalin, bred Pauliina Suomela Maduro’s Newfoundlands & owned by Maurizio Mauro
– Starry Town Ma Dabon Si “TEO” on Sunday JBOB & Crufts Qualification 2016. Owned & Handled by Gianfranco Battistuzzi
– Starry Town Imbombade Di Ligrie “LU” 3rd in open female class. Owned & Handled by Urša Zupan
– Starry Town I’m Dolce on Sunday 1st exc in intermediate class, Cac, Cacib, Best Bitch, Slovenia Winner 2015 & Crufts Qualification 2016. NOW SHE IS ALSO JUNIOR SLOVENIAN CHAMPION. Handled & owned by Frank Hinzmann
– Starry Town Io sono Casanova on Sunday 2nd exc in junior male class. Handled & Owned by Frank Hinzmann
In Porto (Portugal)
Starry Town In Ca- In na “KALI” won both days (saturday & sunday) BEST IN SHOW in Pair Class with Unexpected Love for Shadow´s Eternity. Handled by Hugo, owned by Cinta AF Jacshiva

Thanks to all judges for appreciating our dogs and thanks to Sara Kalin & Cinta AF Jacshiva for pictures! ♥1 teo 10922446_10202309844107287_7879603797887999643_n 10801828_10202309844467296_7025415017980957517_n 10945055_10202309844427295_8578922184884125012_n

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